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THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-GST



Affinity purified goat polyclonal anti-GST tag antibody labeled with the THUNDER™ far-red (FR) acceptor fluorophore. The antibody detects Glutathione S-Transferase (Schistosoma japonicum) and is therefore suitable for capturing GST-tagged proteins in THUNDER™ TR-FRET assays. Due to its polyclonal nature, the antibody can recognize more than one epitope on GST, thereby improving its capacity for recognizing GST fusion proteins even if some binding sites are masked due to recombinant protein folding. A detailed assay protocol and full assay validation can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.


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FR-anti-GST validation
Titration of biotinylated GST using Eu-labeled streptavidin, FR-labeled anti-GST and THUNDER 1X TR-FRET Detection Buffer. The plate was read on an EnVision® plate reader (flash lamp excitation) after 1 hour of incubation at room temperature.