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THUNDER™ Phospho-p38αβγ MAPK (T180/Y182) TR-FRET Cell Signaling Assay Kit



Sandwich TR-FRET immunoassay for semi-quantitative detection of Phospho-p38αβγ MAPK14/11/12 (T180/Y182) in cell lysates. Full assay validation can be found in the Technical Data Sheet. Detailed assay protocols are described in the Generic User Manual. Assay benchmarking is shown in the updated Application Note. The THUNDER™ assay outperforms the two other TR-FRET assays available.


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Stimulation of Phospho-p38αβγ (T180-Y182) in HeLa cells
Data show that treatment of HeLa cells with Anisomycin stimulates phosphorylation of p38αβγ at T180/Y182.
Z'-factor determination in HeLa cells
The Z’-factor value of 0.73 indicates that the assay is robust and suitable for HTS.
HeLa Control lysate titration (QC Test)
Data show a linear relationship between lysate dilutions and TR-FRET ratio values.