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When you combine the best validated antibodies, unsurpassed TR-FRET fluorophores and stringent manufacturing standards, you get optimal TR-FRET assay performance.

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assay validation.
All THUNDER™ kits are subjected to a full validation process. And to facilitate your purchase decision, our assays are accompanied by a data-rich Technical Data Sheet that includes validation data.

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THUNDER™ is an affordable assay platform that provides easy access to the TR-FRET technology for all researchers looking to quantify low amounts of endogenous proteins in cells.

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Learn more about the new, fully validated and yet affordable THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay kits.

Custom assay development

What sets Bioauxilium apart are our decades of industry experience and deep expertise designing and developing TR-FRET assay kits for the drug discovery and research market.

We deliver real added value when providing customized solutions to the challenges associated with developing new assay kits.

Our collaborative, proactive partnering approach combined with an industry-validated new product development process allow you to mitigate risks, manage costs and meet aggressive timelines.

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Our commitment
to quality

All THUNDER™ kits are developed, validated and manufactured in-house, ensuring lot-to-lot consistency and results you can trust. Kits are released only if they meet pre-defined product specifications.

Bioauxilium aims to redefine the standards of the TR-FRET industry with data-rich Technical Data Sheets and timely expert support by the scientists who designed, developed and validated the assays.

Empowering researchers and accelerating their discoveries is why we do what we do.

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