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Phospho-Met (Y1234/Y1235)



Sandwich TR-FRET immunoassay for semi-quantitative detection of Phospho-Met (Y1234/Y1235)


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Stimulation of Phospho-c-Met (Y1234-Y1235) in A431 and Hela cells
Data show that treatment of A431 or HeLa cells with HGF stimulates phosphorylation of c-Met at Y1234/Y1235.
Inhibition of Phospho-c-Met (Y1234-Y1235) in HeLa cells
Data show that treatment of HeLa cells with PHA-665752 inhibits phosphorylation of c-Met at Y1234/Y1235 by HGF.
Z'-factor determination in HeLa cells
The Z’-factor value of 0.7 indicates that the assay is robust and suitable for HTS.
HeLa control lysate titration (QC Test)
Data show a linear relationship between lysate dilutions and TR-FRET ratio values.