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Measurement of Endogenous Phosphorylated STAT Proteins in Human Cells using THUNDER™ TR-FRET

BioAuxilium has published an article in the J Vis Exp (JoVE) Journal (Biochemistry). In this paper, we describe in detail protocols for the simple, sensitive, robust, and cost-effective measurement in a 384-well format of endogenous phosphorylated STAT1/3/4/5/6 proteins, together with total STAT1/3/5/6, in cell lysates using the THUNDER™ TR-FRET platform. In brief: We measured the […]

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Outstanding performance of THUNDER™ on BioTek®’s Synergy™ Neo2 multimode microplate reader

Bioauxilium has initiated strategic collaborations with leading developers of microplate detection instruments to demonstrate the compatibility of its increasingly popular THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay platform with select high-value multimode microplate readers under real assay conditions. BioTek® has recently evaluated the performance of the THUNDER™ Phospho-AKT pan (S473) TR-FRET Cell Signaling Assay Kit on the Synergy™ Neo2 […]

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A direct comparison of THUNDER™ assay performance with two existing TR-FRET platforms

Bioauxilium is proud to announce the publication of an Application Note describing for the first time a comparison among three commercial TR-FRET assay platforms for measuring endogenous phosphoproteins in cellular lysates. The results of this head-to-head study demonstrate superior or comparable performance of THUNDER™ Cell Signaling Assays Kits to that of two existing TR‑FRET platforms […]

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