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We have new THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay kits and toolbox reagents!


At the SLAS2022 International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, we announced the expansion of our no-wash THUNDER™ time-resolved Förster resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) technology portfolio by introducing new cell signaling pathway and biomarker research assay kits, along with a panel of “mix and match” toolbox reagents. The new offerings bring our portfolio to a total of 104 products.

The new THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay kits are ideal for studying intra- or extra-cellular signaling pathways and include key human kinasespro-inflammatory cytokines, and a cAMP detection kit designed for the screening and characterization of G‑protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The THUNDER™ TR-FRET toolbox reagents include europium and far-red labeled anti-species, anti-epitope, and streptavidin for enabling easy in-house assay development.

See the Business Wire’s press release here.