We are your custom TR-FRET assay kit partner

We know assay development and kit manufacturing is a complex business that requires both scientific expertise and a rigorous development process. But it is all worth it if it means simplifying your laboratory workflow and accelerating drug discovery and life sciences research.

Regardless of the scope of your new product development project, Bioauxilium can design, develop, validate and manufacture a custom, ready-to-use TR-FRET assay kit to meet your requirements.

You will get a robust, sensitive and reproducible custom solution that will help you leap forward in your research!

What can we bring to your project?

  • A proven track record and 50 years of collective team experience.
  • Total flexibility for your custom new product development package.
  • A simple and efficient 3-phase assay kit development process.
  • Unsurpassed customer service, with direct contact with your dedicated project team.
  • The right tools for an increased productivity resulting in faster time to market.

Our services

  • Custom TR-FRET assay kit development
  • Conversion of ELISAs to homogeneous "mix-and-read" assays amenable to automation.
  • Identification of best antibody pair for use in TR-FRET, AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA assays.
  • Critical reagent generation - custom biomolecule labeling.
  • Biochemical assay development for therapeutic targets such as PPIs, kinases, epigenetic enzymes, etc.
  • Cell-based assay development - GPCR activation, protein phosphorylation, PPIs, histone modifications.
  • Assay optimization – design, development, validation of primary and secondary assays.
  • Detection platforms - Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, FP, TRF (DELFIA®), TR-FRET, Alpha (AlphaScreen®; AlphaLISA®).

Our methodology

From start to finish, your custom project will be conducted under strict confidentiality.

Step 1 – Concept
Project starts with information gathering before submitting a proposal that defines project requirements, scope, timeline and costs.

Step 2 – Development
Prior to development, assay feasibility will be demonstrated. Then, development, validation and optimization of the assay will take place. Manufacturing process will be verified and validated to ensure assay robustness and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Step 3 – Technical transfer
A comprehensive technical report and standard operating procedure for in-house kit manufacturing will be provided. We can also conduct routine manufacturing production.


"We are very pleased with our experience with BioAuxilium. The team consistently provides high-quality and cost-competitive immunoassay results in a timely manner"
Marc Prentki, PhD.Director, Montreal Diabetes Research Center