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Custom Assay Development

Assay development is a complex process than can quickly become a bottleneck in both basic research and drug discovery laboratories.

BioAuxilium provides a range of high-quality, customized assay development and preclinical sample testing services across a number of therapeutic areas on various technology platforms.

Regardless of the size of your project, we can design and develop a robust, sensitive and reproducible assay that will meet your specific requirements and expectations.

What we bring to your project

  • Proven track record

    50 years of assay development experience

  • Flexibility

    Multiple detection platforms

  • Efficiency

    A simple, 3-phase assay development process

  • Superior client service

    Direct interactions with a dedicated project team

  • Fast turnaround time and highly competitive pricing

About Us

BioAuxilium is an R&D service provider for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotech industries, as well as academic research groups.

BioAuxilium is based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) and has access to NEOMED Institute’s state-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities.

Founded by accomplished scientists from PerkinElmer BioSignal, BioAuxilium provides a range of high-quality, customized assay development services across a number of areas including basic research, drug and biologic discovery, and biomarker detection and quantification on various technology platforms.


Biochemical assay development

For a range of therapeutic targets including but not limited to kinases, proteases, epigenetic enzymes and PPI.

Cell-based assay development

GPCR activation, protein phosphorylation, PPIs, histone modifications.

Assay optimization

Assay design, development and validation of primary and secondary assays.

Detection platforms

Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, FP, TRF (DELFIA®), TR-FRET, Alpha (AlphaScreen®; AlphaLISA®).


Antibody screening and characterization, MOA, in vitro & in vivo efficacy, immunogenicity testing.


Preclinical sample testing using a wide variety of immunoassay approaches (ELISA, TR-FRET, AlphaLISA, DELFIA).

Conversion of ELISAs

to homogeneous “mix-and-read” assays amenable to automation.

Transient Protein Expression

Flexible & rapid production of your functional protein in either CHO or HEK293 cells.

Critical reagent Generation

Custom chemical and biological reagents.

Immunoassay Kit Development

Design, development and manufacturing of novel immunoassay kits in a variety of formats.

How it works

Our Assay Development Service Process consists of 3 phases conducted under strict confidentiality:

Feasibility Assessment

We gather assay requirements and submit a customized proposal that clearly defines project scope, timelines and cost.

Assay Development

We first demonstrate assay feasibility and then fully develop and optimize your assay. A complete technical report is delivered along with the number of assay points required for your study (when applicable).

Technology Transfer (optional)

We offer additional reagent production, training, technical support and on-site implementation.


Marc Prentki, PhD.

We are very pleased with our experience with BioAuxilium.  The team consistently provides high-quality and cost-competitive immunoassay results in a timely manner

Marc Prentki, PhD.Director, Montreal Diabetes
Research Center

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