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Custom TR-FRET Assay Kit Development

Assay development and kit manufacturing are complex, requiring both scientific expertise as well as a rigorous development process.

BioAuxilium is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of custom, ready-to-use TR-FRET assay kits that simplify laboratory workflow and accelerate drug discovery and life sciences research.

Regardless of the scope of your NPD project, we can design, develop, validate and manufacture a robust, sensitive and reproducible TR-FRET based assay kit that will meet your specific requirements and expectations.

What we bring to your project

  • Proven track record

    50 years of collective experience in TR-FRET assay kit development

  • Flexibility

    Customized new product development packages

  • Efficiency

    A simple, validated 3-phase assay kit development process

  • Superior client service

    Direct interactions with a dedicated project team

  • Faster time to market and return on investment

About Us

BioAuxilium was founded by accomplished scientists from PerkinElmer Center of Excellence in Montreal (Canada).

What sets us apart are our decades of industry experience and deep expertise designing and developing TR-FRET assay kits for the drug discovery and research market.

We deliver real added value to our partners by providing customized solutions to the challenges associated to developing new assay kits.

Our collaborative, proactive partnering approach combined with an industry-validated new product development process allow you to mitigate risks, manage costs and meet aggressive timelines.


TR-FRET Immunoassay Kit Development

Design, development and manufacturing of novel TR-FRET based immunoassay kits.

Conversion of ELISAs

to homogeneous “mix-and-read” assays amenable to automation.

Best antibody pair analysis

Identification of best antibody pair for use in TR-FRET, AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA assays.

Critical reagent generation

Custom biomolecule labeling.

Biochemical assay development

For a range of therapeutic targets including but not limited to PPIs, kinases and epigenetic enzymes.

Cell-based assay development

GPCR activation, protein phosphorylation, PPIs, histone modifications.

Assay optimization

Assay design, development and validation of primary and secondary assays.

Detection platforms

Absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, FP, TRF (DELFIA®), TR-FRET, Alpha (AlphaScreen®; AlphaLISA®).

How it works

Our TR-FRET Assay Kit Development Process consists of 3 phases conducted under strict confidentiality:


We gather assay requirements and submit a customized proposal that clearly defines project scope, timelines and cost.

Assay Kit Development

We first demonstrate assay feasibility and then fully develop, validate and optimize your assay. We also verify and validate the manufacturing process to ensure assay robustness and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Technical Transfer

We provide a comprehensive technical report and SOP for in-house kit manufacturing or conduct routine manufacturing production.


We are very pleased with our experience with BioAuxilium.  The team consistently provides high-quality and cost-competitive immunoassay results in a timely manner

Marc Prentki, PhD.Director, Montreal Diabetes Research Center

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